COVID-19 - We are open now! We encourage the customers to wear masks while entering the diner.


Banana Nutella Stack (2)

Try out our delicious, fluffy pancakes topped with bananas and nutella. This is a creamy and filling..


Berry Berry Stack (2)

Try our berry berry stack for some fruity, sweet pancakes. ..


Berry Berry Stack (2)

Served with fresh berries, whipped cream and warm syrup..


Blueberry Stack (2)

This stack of fluffy pancakes is stuffed and topped with fresh blueberries, warm syrup, and whipped..


Buckwheat Stack (2)

This stack of pancakes is gluten-free! Don't forget to make it extra special with our tasty toppings..


Chocolate Chip Stack (2)

Stuffed with Chocolate chips and topped with chocolate syrup & whipped cream...


Pancake Plate

Served with two Eggs any style and Choice of Bacon, Sausage Patties or Ham..



Pecan Cinnamon Stack (2)

Stuffed Pecan and cinnamon topped with warm syrup Add Icing on the Side for .50..


Strawberry Stack (2)

Stuffed and topped with Strawberries with shipped cream  and warm syrup..


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